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Ceracoat™ Wood Care 


Wood Care is used for almost all types of untreated wood, including cork, wood flooring, outdoor furniture, wooden saunas, and decking. This coating is weather proof and protects the wood from UV-rays, repels liquids such as water, and wine. Furthermore cause’s difficultly for dirt, grime and other contaminates to adhere to the surface. A significant reduction in moss formation and micro-organism infestation is also expected.










200ml Spray Bottle $39.99


How do I wash the material that I have coated with Ceracoat™ wood care?

Ideally no dirt or liquid will adhere to the material, so all that should be needed to remove any dirt, liquid or grime is water and a clean cloth, chemicals should no longer be needed. High pressure washer can also be used with pressures less than 50bar.


How long does it last?

This is dependent on the use, environment and the application amount. Whether it is in the sun consistently or rain or cyclic weather. So it is hard to give a period of time but it can last approximately 1-3 year. Much longer and shorter periods of time are likely. 


Will it change the appearance of the wood?

No. the coating is invisible and without odour and therefore should not cause any change in the woods appearance.



  • The surface to be applied must be clean and dry.

  • Simply spray, paint or immerse the untreated wood with the wood care.

  • The more coats the better, this can be done by applying the wet-on-wet technique.

  • Allow 24-36 hours for the product to dry before allowing water to contact the surface to give the coat the best performance and longest lifetime.


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