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Every Moment is a Memory

Every Surface Has a Coating


Ulentech is the Australian Nationwide distributor of the top shelf nanotechnology surface coatings direct from Switzerland. Ceracoat Ceramic nanotechnology, which seemingly has no limits, consists of over 350 products with vast applications. Like many other people, you too will find a variety of products that will help you save money, time and effort.


"What Ceracoat™ brings you today is over 20 years of research and development. It is an extraordinary and unique product line which will make your daily life easier and more economical."

Don't Clean It, Coat it. Ceracoat It. The Ultimate Protection*


Why Ceracoat™?

Ulentech is based in Wangara Western Australia and distributes Ceracoat™ Ceramic both to retail customers and authorised resellers throughout the nation. The company is involved in numerous demonstrations of the products and also offers an application service, whereby customers can leave their items and Ulentech will apply the required coating.


Ceracoat™ has been in the nanotechnology industry for almost 10 years before most other competitors. They offer an unmatched range of nanotechnology products.These include single products that cover multiple surfaces such as Glass Care, and Vehicle Care, as well as products that actively clean, rejuvenate and protect surfaces simultaneously. Try Ceracoat™ today and see for yourself.

Surface Nanotechnology in the true sense of the word

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