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CeraCoat Glass/Metal Care 


Ceracoat™ Glass care can be used for almost all non-absorbent surfaces. It is ideal for glass, fish tanks, ponds, plastics, ceramics, mirrors, copper, silver, chrome, and most metals.


This powerful nanotechnology coating is foodstuff neutral* , and helps limit scratches, finger prints, and bacteria. It acts to clean/polish whilst coating, leaving surfaces smooth, shiny and completely transparent, making them easier to clean. 












200ml Bottle $39.99


Is this product UV-stable and is it durable?

Yes it is UV stable.


How do I wash the material that I have coated with Ceracoat™ Glass care?

Since no dirt or liquid will adhere to the material all that is needed to remove any dirt, liquid or grime is water and a clean cloth, chemicals should no longer be needed.


How long does it last?

This is dependent on the use and the environment. Whether it is in the sun consistently or rain or cyclic whether. It is hard to give a period of time but it can last approximately 1 year. Much longer and shorter periods of time are likely. 


Does this repel water?

The main purpose of the Glass Care is to produce a shiny, smooth surface that makes it easier to clean, so it's main goal is NOT to repel water. Glass self-cleaning Care is what you are after for water repellence in glass.



  • The surface to be applied must be dry and cleaned of loose dirt.

  • Shake the product well in preparation for use.

  • Put a drop of the product on a clean cloth or paper towel and apply evenly directly on the surface in circular motion, (For easiest application use 100% cotton cloth or microfiber towel to apply and buff).

  •  A mat film should appear on the surface which should be left to dry for approximately 5min (Note, one drop should cover approximately 0.25 square meters i.e. 50 by 50cm surface area).

  • The mat film should then be buffed using an alternative clean cloth or paper towel.

  • Allow 1 hour before allowing water to contact the surface to give the coat the best performance and longest lifetime allow more than 3hours.
















* Foodstuff neutral acording to Europeon standards, Australian testing and standards are still to be undertaken.

^ Transperant as aslong as the user has applied correctly.

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