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Ceracoat Textile Care 


Textile Care can be used for most absorbent surfaces including paper, clothes, carpets, curtains, mattresses, car seats, shoes and even sued leather. It features unique 

nanotechnology that works to create a shield which protects it against whatever it comes into contact with - for example, everyday liquids including, coffee, wine, and water. As such liquids can't penetrate the surface, dust and dirt likewise struggle to settle or adhere, allowing them to be easily brushed or wiped off using a damp cloth or paper towel. This nanotechnology protective coat is invisible and breathable, so it’s as if it’s not there at all!


Please Note: This is the light duty textile care, premium and heavy duty are also available for more protection.



200ml Spray Bottle $29.99


Is this product UV-stable and is it durable?

Yes, it is UV stable and is very resistant to abrasion. It withstands the rubbing, pulling and pushing that your clothing would normally experience. 


Can I wash the clothes with Ceracoat™ Textile care or will I have to re-apply it?

Yes there is no issue in washing the clothes treated with Ceracoat™ textile care. The coating won’t wash away, provided the clothes are washed in temperatures below 50 degrees, and without strong washing powders, and ideally should not need soaps as there should be no dirt or liquid penetration.


How long does it last?

This is dependent on the use, application and the surface that it is applied to. If the surface is exposed to harsh environments consistently, then it may need more frequent applications. To give you an idea it usually lasts around 45 wash cycles under the conditions  mentioned above.


  • The material MUST be cleaned with water only after normal wash cycle as detergent residue can cause a rejection of the nano-coat. This can be done by running an additional rinse cycle in the washing machine, or a complete wash cycle with no soaps or detergents.

  • Surface must be clean and completely dry.

  • Start by testing the textile: Put a drop of water on the surface. The drop has to be absorbed by the surface to be treated with Ceracoat™ Textile. If the water drop is not absorbed this means that the surface cannot be treated with Ceracoat™ Textile care but rather an alternate product such as Leather care.

  • Otherwise, just spray Ceracoat™ Textile Surface Care on the surface from around 10-15cm away until you see a thin humid film on the surface or a slight decolourisation.

  • Let it dry for 24 hours or dry it with a hair dryer.


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