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Ceracoat™ Stone Care 


Ceracoat™ Stone Care is for absorbent mineral surfaces such as clay, granite, marble, lime stone, bricks and concrete. It repels water and helps limit stains from dust and dirt. Ceracoat™ Stone Care is food neutral*, and transparent making it ideal around the home and industry.













200ml Spray Bottle $34.99


How do I wash the surface that is coated?

All that is needed to remove any dirt, liquid or grime is water and a clean cloth. High pressure washers can also be used with pressures less than 60bar.


How long does it last?

This is dependent on the use and the surface that it is applied to. If it is used in harsh environments consistently in this case it may need to be applied more often. However as a bench mark it is expected to last numinous years, recoating should occur upon inspection, if the surface absorbs or discolours from contact with water. 



  • Surface must be clean and dry.

  • The material MUST be cleaned/rinsed with water only before application as certain detergent residues can cause a rejection of the nano-coat. 

  • Start by testing the surface: Put a drop of water on the surface. The drop has to be absorbed by the surface to be treated with Stone care. If the water drop is not absorbed this means that the surface cannot be treated with Ceracoat Stone care but rather an alternate product.

  • Otherwise, just spray Ceracoat Stone Care on the surface and let it dry for 24 -36 hours.

  • The more coats the better, this can be done by applying the wet-on-wet technique.
















* Foodstuff neutral acording to Europeon standards, Australian testing and standards are still to be undertaken.

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