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Ceracoat™ ​Engine protection. 


Ceracoat™ Engine Care is for all types of engines including, 4-stroke, 2-stroke, petrol, LPG, turbocharged, high performance, diesel and rotary engines. The ceramic particles adhere to the metal parts in your engine, forming a protective barrier, that reduces friction and wear in your engine and gears. An increase in compression, efficiency, power, and torque is usually experienced. In addition a significant reduction of smoke and oil leaks have also been reported.


The result is a noticeable reduction of fuel consumption, oil temperature, oil consumption, noise, exhaust emissions and an increase of the efficiency of the engine, increasing power output and engine life.


The Ceracoat™ Ceramic Engine Care also protects your engine during cold start and where lubrication fails especially in the top end where oil is vacant until oil pressure is built.


For large diesel engines there is Truck Care, please contact Ulentech for details.

100ml (1 Treatment) $64.99


How long does 1 treament last?

The use of Ceracoat™ Ceramic Engine Care should be done yearly or after 40-50000 km.


What capacity will one dose treat?

1 dose will generally treat engines which have up to 6 litres of oil.


Will this block my oil filter?

Ceracoat™ Ceramic Engine Care will not block the filter or oil galeries.



No oil or filter change is necessary prior to application, however it is best to add the product at the start or middle of the service period and not immediately before a service interval.


Ceracoat™ Ceramic Engine Care is to be added to the engine oil when the engine and oil is WARM (at operating temperature) Use caution when opening the oil cap and adhere to any safety recommendations stated by the vehicle manufacture. After adding the product drive the vehicle for 10-15 minutes.



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