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Ceracoat™ Automotive glass protection. 


The Ceracoat™ thin nano ceramic film protects all your vehicle's glass surfaces, including the rear window. Ceracoat™ helps reject and bead rain. It also prevents ice build up in winter. Treatment is effective for up to 50000 km depending on the environment, and generally lasts 12 months.


Rain drops will just roll away, at certain speeds.


If there is any ice on the windshield due to extreme cold winters, just tapping on the ice causes it to break away from the glass. After treatment with Ceracoat™ you no longer need traditional cleaners.




1 Sache $14.99


Surface must be clean and dry

When windshield is clean simply rinse it once more with water and dry it.


1. Clean it with the Ceracoat™ cleaner (green wipe) by circular movements until the windshield is clean and completely dry. 


2. Coat and protect it with the Ceracoat™ Windshield nano Care (blue wipe) by circular movements until the windshield is completely dry.


If you see a grey dry film at the end just buff it away. Wait 1-3 hours before wetting the surface.



The windshield has to be cleaned regularly using only water or use high pressured water if necessary for keeping it clean.


No need for cleaners or shampoo any more. You can also use a wet towel.

Rain water will just roll away and clean your windshield! DO NOT RUB

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