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Ceracoat Australia

Made In Switzerland

Nanotechnology at its Finest.

Ceracoat™ Vehicle Care helps protect the exterior of your car from the wheels to the roof, covering surfaces including glass, metal, light alloy, chrome, plastic, Kevlar, carbon, gel-coat, and rubber. It is perfect for cars, trucks, caravans, bikes, motorbikes, boats, planes, and even helmets.


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Ceracoat™ Stone Care is for absorbent mineral surfaces such as clay, granite, marble, limestone, bricks and concrete. It repels water and liquids and helps limit stains from dust and dirt. Ceracoat™ Stone Care is food neutral* and transparent, making it ideal around the home and in a wide range of industries.

Ceracoat™ Textile Care is suitable for absorbent surfaces including paper, clothes, carpets, curtains, mattresses, car seats, shoes and even sued leather. It can be used to protect against liquids including oil, coffee, wine and water. Furthermore, as liquids can't penetrate the nano-coating, dust and dirt struggle to settle or adhere to the surface.

Ceracoat™ Wood Car is used for all types of untreated absorbent wood, including cork, wood flooring, outdoor furniture, wooden saunas, and decking. This coating is weather proof and protects the wood from UV-rays. It also repels liquids such as water, wine, and oil, which minimises the adherence of  dirt, grime and other contaminants to the surface. A significant reduction in moss formation and micro-organism infestation is also evident.

Ceracoat™ Glass care can be used for almost all non-absorbent surfaces. It is ideal for glass, fish tanks, ponds, plastics, ceramics, mirrors, copper, silver, chrome, and most metals. The coating cleans and rejuvenates the surface.

Ceracoat™ Engine Care is for all types of engines including, 4-stroke, 2-stroke, petrol, LPG, turbocharged, high performance, diesel and rotary engines. The ceramic particles adhere to the metal parts in your engine, forming a protective barrier, that reduces friction and wear in your engine and gears. An increase in compression, efficiency, power, and torque is usually experienced.

The Ceracoat™ thin nano ceramic film protects all your vehicle's glass surfaces, including the rear window. Ceracoat™ helps reject and bead rain. It also prevents ice build up in winter. Treatment is effective for up to 50000 km depending on the environment, and generally lasts 12 months.

Ceracoat™ Engine Cleaner is for all types of engines including, 4-stroke, 2-stroke, petrol, LPG, turbocharged, high performance, and rotary engines. It is a full fuel system cleaner which cleans the fuel tank, fuel lines, the head, valves and even the exhaust.

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